Monday, August 3, 2020

Welcome Back Letter 2020

August 3, 2020
Good Evening Shawsheen Families,
First, I want to acknowledge that this is not my typical welcome back letter to families. In fact, I kept wanting to rewrite this first paragraph to talk about all the great things that have occurred over the summer with vacations and family. I always loved referencing the many post cards I would receive from all kinds of places from all of our students and I would write back to each one. Unfortunately, this summer was different and my family had to adjust like many of yours.  We may not have experienced vacations like we knew them but we tried to make the best out of our time together. Whether it was watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs over and over again or having some extra snuggle time, we did what we could. I am sure I am not alone with some of these sentiments and I know that we all want what is best for our students and our staff.
Thank YOU to our Staff and Custodians
Although, the summer at home seemed different, inside the Shawsheen remained mostly the same. The custodians moving furniture and doing an incredible job cleaning the building as usual. I want to thank them for all their dedication in the summer. This is not an easy job under any conditions and they have been extremely helpful. In addition, I want to thank my staff for their countless hours and efforts to try and support the schools and the reopening committees to make sure that everyone is safe. The Shawsheen Building Based committee is made up of an amazing representation and all their efforts are continued from possible scheduling changes, room changes from how recess and bathroom breaks will work. Please join me in thanking our teachers and valuing all they do all year long. This is not an easy time for all of us and many of our teachers have families as well, so they understand the importance on all fronts including family stressors due to the unknown and socialization and academics concerns for your children. I wish I had a simple and easy answer that would support families, staff and community members.  What I can tell you is that the district will continue to update you as we move forward with our plans and move toward learning in the fall, whatever that shall look like. I can also tell you that we will remain optimistic in making whatever decision work best for our students.
Classroom Assignments and Delays
Please note that during this time of year I would have sent out updates on classrooms, and orientations for first graders or new students or events that would have occurred in the spring. Due to all the uncertainty and many new procedures that are being developed we will have to delay this typical timeline. We are all working toward some type of transition piece for all students even if it occurs virtually. As information becomes available on this or any other supports we will send something out to families. There are also a variety of resources on our district webpage and in addition families can follow the Shawsheen on the facebook page, twitter account or the blog. All the same information will be pushed out to all sources so whatever works for your family to access information, please utilize.
District Learning Plan Information
As you are aware the district is considering all the options for learning to occur in a safe and effective way and are in the process still of gathering data to make the best decision for all stakeholders. The district will be sending out something early this week that will ask families to make a commitment for their child as to which mode of learning that you want to pursue for the start of the current school year. As you know by now, there is the intent to start the year with a hybrid mode of learning that will see students in school part of the time and participating in remote instruction part of the time. While you will be provided with the opportunity to change your decision periodically throughout the upcoming school year it is essential that we know definitively the plan of our families for the start of the year.  Please watch for this information coming soon. As this information will certainly inform buildings on number of students in a classroom and the way in which we may have to place students, class lists at this point will be delayed. We will send out classroom teachers as soon as possible.
Supply Lists Update
Also, we are grappling with supply lists for grades 1-3 as we do not want to put any extra burden on families as we navigate what materials are necessary to purchase. At this time we would like each student should have the following:
·        Headset for either remote or hybrid learning
·        Pencil or storage case for their materials
·        Possibly Donations of hand sanitizer (individual or larger sizes)-type will be determined
·        Grade 3 only - composition books (2-3)
We are planning on providing each student with individual scissors, pencils, and pencil sharpener for desk, crayons, glue sticks, colored pencils and expo markers. A fuller list will be provided at a later date and it will be consistent amongst grades, not by individual teachers.  With the new DESE guidelines, we will be eliminating the need for any shared supplies.  If you are in need of any financial support with regard to school supplies (backpacks, lunch bags, etc.), please feel free to let us know, as we are working with several local organization and generous donors.
Update on WPS Reopening Plans
Please note that Dr. Brand, Superintendent of Schools, will be hosting an online meeting this Thursday, August 6 at 6:30 p.m. to provide parents/guardians with specific updates and information regarding our reopening of schools. Please watch for the link to this meeting coming from his office soon.
This is just an initial email to give you some updates. I will be sending out more information as it becomes available. In addition to email communication, we have a Shawsheen Facebook page, Twitter page and Principal Blog where we post information. For district information please visit our new website at

lisaking@shawsheenschool  Twitter

Thank you and have a good evening,

Mrs. King

Friday, May 29, 2020

student belongings Pick Up---Important

Dear Families,
We made it through another week. I hope your children were able to enjoy some sunshine this week. As we get closer to the end of the year staff will be cleaning out student belongings. Next week, staff will voluntarily go in under social distancing precautions to pack up what is on student desks. They will do their best to gather all that they can. Included in the pickup bags will be anything that was labeled in the classroom such as water bottles, coats, sweatshirts, and anything that was on or in their desk that belongs to them. If the staff member is unclear whether it is a personal book or a classroom book, we will hold onto it until the fall or send it to the West. If you have something that you are certain is your child’s that you want to specifically make sure they get back, please email your teacher by Monday. Please note that staff are putting things in bags as they see them, they are not responsible for any headphones not working or broken items. (I don’t anticipate this, but wanted to be clear)
We have many things to gather from you as well like library books or anything borrowed from your classroom teacher.
Please read these procedures very carefully as we will only have volunteers for a limited amount of time to help with this process and want to make it as safe and efficient as we can. You may bring your children for the ride with you as they may see some special guests and for sure myself and Mr. Welch! Happy to see them even for a minute through a car window.      
On Monday, June 8th we will have a procedure in place to pick up student belongings. Please see the bulleted list below:
·        On your car window, please have your child’s last name, room number and teacher listed.
·        Please come at the time assigned. (we have 400 bags of supplies to hand out)
·        Please be patient as we have never done this before and will try to make it as efficient as possible.
·        Please pop open your trunk so that we can leave the items in the trunk.  If you are unable to pop your trunk please lower a back seat window so we will be able to place the item in your car.
·        Please do not get out of your car during this process. You will follow the cones and the line of cars to pull up.
  • Follow the signs for A Level, B Level & C Level clearly marked to park. If you have more than one child, please go to the younger grade level pick up time & you can gather all belongings.
·        You will have assigned times so please do your best to stick to those times.
Recorders Grade 3
Since grade 3 students have a recorder at home as already, recorders will be sent up to the West next year for students. 
Library Books
We have over 900 books out from the library. We are asking that when you come to pick up your student belongings you have your childs library books in a plastic bag.   Mrs. Patterson will be available to grab them from your trunk. Thank you for helping with this.
Please see the schedule below:

All students who are in sub-seperate programs belongings will be with their assigned classroom teacher.

Mrs. Lipski    A5
Mrs. Lesnik  C20
Ms. Cowden  A7
Mrs. Beauchamp  C21
Ms. Mckeown  A4
Mr. Mauriello C25
Ms. Weeks  A3
Mrs. Rogers C26
Mrs. Moroney  A1
Mrs. Cazeau C28
Mrs. Cali  A2
Mrs. Cameron C23
Ms. McDougal  B13
Mrs. Kelly-Joseph C29
Ms. Sadowski  B14
Mrs. Flaherty C27
Mrs. Gallo Dunn  C22

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Shawsheen Strong Video

Please enjoy this special video developed by our Shawsheen Staff. Shawsheen teachers made these shirts and with the proceeds donated over 400.00 to  Brighams and Womens hospital to aide in their Covid 19 efforts.
Whenever I think I cannot be more impressed, the Shawsheen Team tops my every expectation. A special  thank you to Bridget Lipski, Erin Cowden, Paige and Madelyn Lipski, Leeann Sadowski, Larissa Weeks, and Kelly Mckeown, and Janice and Kate Cowden for making and delivering all the shirts.
Please enjoy and when your child does not feel strong enough to be resilent, respectful or responsible remind them that they are Shawsheen Strong like their teachers.

Have a great week,
Mrs. King

Sunday, May 17, 2020

weekly updates-shawsheen may

Dear Families,
I hope this email finds you well. I do not have much new information to share this week. I know that some families are concerned with placement and gathering of student belongings. Please know that placement is well on its way. We continued our placement process much like we do in the Month of May. As I have stated in previous emails that placement is based on a variety of factors in order to make the best balance classroom as possible so that all students can achieve. Just a reminder that placement/teacher names will be provided in August as discussed previously by the Superintendent and school committee. However, school supply lists will be posted based on grade level by the last day of school. If any families need any support with school supplies, summer clothes, etc. please reach out to me and the information is kept confidential. Thank you for understanding.
We are still in the process of sorting out how families will collect school belongings. As soon as there is a district plan in place for this I will notify families and there will be safe system to collect belongings on a certain day and time.
Third grade families should have received an email from the PAC in regards to grade 3 T-shirts. Please take a minute to respond to the google form if you have not yet so that the T-shirts can be ordered and made. The PAC is paying for this as a special treat for our 3rd grade students. Thank you to the PAC!
Ryan Haack, author or Different is Awesome, gave our birthday shout outs for this week. If your child has a birthday this week, check out the video!
This will be the third week that Mr. Welch and I will be holding Principal Office hours. No topic but just a time to talk about concerns, things that are working well. A time to support other parents and maybe help with solutions. I will send out the zoom link in a separate email. It will be weds at 3:00. I try to pick a different day and time each week to accommodate the variety of schedules.
Reminder if you want to send in a recipe, you can email me. It can be a picture, handwritten, whatever you want. I will be compiling a recipe book for all families!
I hope all is well. If you need anything, please reach out and we will assist you or guide you in the right direction! Missing all the students and wishing everyone a nice week.
Thank you for all you do,
Mrs. King

Monday, May 11, 2020

Weekly News-Shawsheen May 2020

Dear Families,
I hope everyone is doing well. I know the challenges that you all have been facing and I can only remind you to do the best you can and reach out to your teachers for any support or advice. In addition, this week I will do another round of a Principal Office hour. I will choose a different time and day each week to try and reach families on different schedules. We had a few parent, but it was really great to just talk about issues and allow parents and teachers to help with advice and relate to one another. We are all in this together.
A zoom link will be sent out in another email for privacy purposes. Please do not post this link.
This week we have Corey the Dribbler making birthday announcements. Next week we will have another special guest do the birthday shout outs. If you have any contacts with anyone who you would think the students would like to get a shout out to please email me. It is posted on twitter and facebook.
If any families are interested I am collecting recipes to create a Shawsheen Recipe book for staff and families. Any recipes are welcome. They can be handwritten, photographed etc. Please upload your recipe to this link and/or email me directly.
Lastly, if any students need a personal call from Mr. Welch or myself to check in or just to say hello, please email us and we are happy to do that. We don’t want to overwhelm families by calling but will absolutely call if you email us for a check in.
Thank you all and have a great week!

Mrs. King